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My Journey this year…

December 1, 2023by

I can’t help but reflect on the rollercoaster of a year I’ve had. It’s been a crazy mix of surprises, challenges that really pushed me, and some pretty eye-opening lessons. But, as I navigated this, I handled all with peace in my heart. As my theme this year was peace. My heart is just full of gratitude for the changes I’ve gone through, especially because I find something to be thankful for with every situation as I reflect. Plus, I am on a whole new journey of pregnancy! Today, I want to share my reflections on what I’m thankful for this year.

1. Embrace Change with Kindness
Pregnancy taught me that change is inevitable, and it’s okay to adapt. Instead of resisting, I learned to embrace the changes with kindness and understanding. Admittedly, I had grand plans of defying gravity and continuing my usual routine, even in the ninth month of pregnancy. The image of me pole dancing, upside down, and performing tricks until the very end seemed like a whimsical fantasy. However, reality had its own script, and it taught me an invaluable lesson.

Pregnancy brought forth its set of challenges and limitations, reminding me that it’s okay to adapt and make choices that prioritize both my well-being and the health of my unborn child. I’ve learned to embrace the changes with kindness and understanding, letting go of the unrealistic expectations I once held for myself.

2. Be Kinder to Yourself
Self-compassion became my guiding theme, reminding me to be kinder to myself during this transformative journey. I’ve always been the kind of person who thinks I can do it all. But let me tell you, being pregnant while managing my business, plus the million other things I have on my plate, has been a humbling experience. I used to think I had to handle everything myself, but I’ve come to appreciate that delegation and collaboration are key. I trust my team. Entrusting my team has lightened my workload and allowed them to shine with their skills and talents, making our studio more dynamic and harmonious. I learned that it’s okay to take breaks and ask for help when needed.

3. Find Gratitude in Redirected Paths
What I’ve come to realize this year is that the unexpected changes are redirections, they’re not roadblocks. It’s in these redirections that we find opportunities for growth, gratitude, and a deeper understanding of ourselves. Life may not always follow the roadmap we’ve laid out, but in these unforeseen changes, I’ve found unexpected beauty, new perspectives, and a deeper sense of gratitude for the diverse experiences that make up my personal journey.

As I sat down to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I encourage you, to join me in reflecting on the lessons and abundance (no matter how small) life has brought upon you. Share your own reflections, and let’s build a community bound together by gratitude and the shared wisdom that comes from embracing the ever-changing tapestry of life. Wishing you all had a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, joy, and profound gratitude, as we continue into the Holiday Season!