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Take back your freedom!

Have you ever stopped to thank your body and mind for the amazing things YOU do!? Liberation is one of our core values. It means “freedom from limits on thought or behavior.” Throughout life, we all face moments where we feel we need to tone down—or outright hide—our true selves. Whether it’s altering your clothing choices to fit into your office setting, silencing your views to better blend in with a crowd you’ve found yourself in, or hiding the fact that you take pole classes because you’re afraid of what people will think. These are unfortunate learned behaviors that affect us all, but they don’t need to.We don’t think to stop and find where those limiting beliefs are actually coming from. Are they your thoughts or someone else’s?

Let me tell you a little bit about me. In my family, we work and study hard. We need to put in the work to be part of the rat race in Corporate America for “bragging rights.” Bragging rights to whom you wonder? Other family members. *insert hard eye roll* You need to make a name for yourself so that your family can be “proud of you.” There are standards to be upheld. Higher education. Conservative clothes. Do not be sexy. Be professional. So, you can imagine why I kept pole dancing a secret, or why I was even apprehensive to try it. But, you know what pole dancing gave me? A sense of freedom to just be. I didn’t have to be shy about my body because EVERYONE has to show some skin to even climb the pole…or, I didn’t have to worry about what other people thought of me because there was support in the classroom, especially from the teacher. Funny enough, a lot of us were there for the same reasons…to be free and build confidence. I built up my confidence by becoming physically strong. Knowing I could kick someone’s ass on the street because I was lifting my whole body up on a metal vertical pole, gave me the confidence to hold my head up high, especially in the rat race. And I thank my body and pole dance for giving me that confidence.

When you come through the doors at Dream Dance Fitness, we want you to let all those limitations and hesitations go. Our community is made so precious by the diversity that exists inside these walls. We would like nothing more than to see your true self shine through, even the parts that people have deemed strange or different. Think about little kids; they let all their weirdness out because they don’t worry about what other people are thinking of them. Returning to that level of simplicity and self-acceptance will do wonders for your self worth.

All dance is expressive. It can make you feel vulnerable and strong, and maybe most importantly, connected to your body. If you never let your walls down, you’ll be let down long term. We want you to look in the mirror during class and see a kick-ass, powerful and accomplished person in the reflection. We find that when students get over that initial fear of letting go or not being “good,” that’s when they shine and that’s when all their power and confidence come rushing back to them.

You just worked your body around a pole for a whole hour! You should be walking out of class standing a little taller! Every class should break those limits that the world has created for us more and more. We can help you unleash your power to love and express yourself freely.

Get liberated today – sign up for our intro to pole dancing series!

Xoxo, Tash