How to find strength

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How to find strength

Remember when I told you that story of how I was that angry girl, who didn’t know how to manage my managers, and didn’t know how to let people take me seriously…(if you don’t remember that story, open the blog that said: Joy is your Birthright). Well, you know what I was doing? I was being reactionary.

Think about the last time someone made you upset, did you react? How did you react? What did you feel?

The last time someone made me upset, they said something that I didn’t like and then did something that made me feel ignored. I didn’t know that that’s how I felt, ignored…until I took a step back and analyzed what I actually was feeling. I took a breath before responding. After a few minutes, I realized that their words and actions were not about me. They were about them. And I reclaim my power by remembering my strength. I am in control of my mindset. I choose how to react to situations. Now baby, that’s growth.

I know, sometimes it could be hard when someone is really royally pissing you off. Maybe it’s a friend who asks you for advice, but never listens to it. So, you feel like you’re just wasting your breath. Maybe it’s your husband who decided that although you had a long day of work and tending to the kids, he still decided to ask you what’s for dinner, although he has two arms and two legs and can make the damn thing himself, or buy you dinner…

But remember this, take a few deep breaths, reclaim your power by controlling your reaction. Choose to be the bigger person. Choose kindness and understanding. You’ll be glad you did…you will be keeping your destructive emotions in check, and calm down to have a different type of response.




P.S. When you’re at our studio, these are some of the things you will learn, but you will embody them. You will learn how they feel in your body. It won’t just be words you’re reading, or speaking aloud…it’ll be movement in your body, the biggest organ that can help guide your mind. Hope to see you soon! 🙂