Do I need to build strength before I start pole dancing?

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Do I need to build strength before I start pole dancing?

Do I need to build strength before I start pole dancing?

You see the new trend…pole dancing. It looks cool. But, you think you’re not strong enough, you’re not coordinated enough, you don’t have upper body strength, you don’t have a dance background, you are not sexy enough…and the list goes on. Well, guess what!? YOU DON”T NEED ANY OF THOSE THINGS…well, right now. All you have to do is, sign up for your first pole dance class, and the studio will do the rest! Let me explain more…

So, you’ve made the jump into joining a new dance studio. You’re coming in, and getting ready to take your weekly Zumba class when you suddenly catch the class before yours finishing up. It’s pole dance class and you’re seeing these students prance around and perform moves you’ve seen in music videos and movies, where it seems like the pole is an extension of their elegant, flowing bodies. You think to yourself, “Wow, I really want to do this…if only I had the upper body strength. Maybe if I train for a while then I can try a class.”

You’ve heard it before, maybe you’ve thought it before, but there are so many variations of this thought we all experience before ever trying a new sport. Maybe you saw an ad and think, “Maybe when I lose weight,” or “Maybe if I were more in shape,” or “Maybe if I weren’t plus sized…” Realistically – NONE of these things will affect you if you want to come take a class before the aforementioned want or need is met. While having a background in dance, gymnastics, or general strength built up can be of some extra assistance eventually, pole is really its own animal. We are all – no matter our background – starting from square one in an intro to pole dance class. The reason we have students take this class multiple times is to do exactly what everyone thinks they need prior to taking pole dance: to help you build strength, and prepare you to perform basic moves that will be introduced and expanded on once you move to beginner level classes.

One thing to understand about pole dance is that there is NO training for pole like pole dance itself! Everything down to the way your hands grip the pole, the way your weight is distributed while you walk, the activation in your shoulders and lats when you pull the pole down and lift yourself up for a fireman spin, the way you walk on your toes to move around the pole and condition your feet – you get the idea. All of these seemingly small details of actually using a pole to train and condition will give you all of the preparation you need.

​You may be seeing this and thinking, “Okay, but I don’t even think the pole will hold up my weight.” Did you know a proper pole that has an industrial mount can sometimes support up to 800lbs? I can tell you first hand – the pole will definitely be able to support your weight no matter how much you weigh. We have had as much as 5 women on one pole at a time…all of various weights, and the pole can withstand the weight. While certain moves may need small adjustments made for different body types, all of our instructors are certified to teach as well versed in successfully teaching students of all sizes and backgrounds. No matter your age, weight, dance background or lack thereof, you are welcome in class and we will make sure you succeed on your pole journey. You should also remember never to compare yourself to others in class. Everyone’s pole journey is different, and you should set your own goals and pacing. Wherever you are in your pole journey, from zero to one hundred, you are welcome to join our Dream Dance Fitness family as soon as you’d like to. We’ll make sure to guide and help you get where you’d like to be! Our studio’s mission is to help men and women feel safe in our space while being liberated through dance and fitness. We have created a supportive community accepting all shapes and sizes, including men, women, to help people to be comfortable in their own skin. We help you to become successful not based on our own personal success, but, rather your personal individual success. So, put those hesitations aside, and start pole dancing today.

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