Celebrate your wins

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Celebrate your wins

We have to start celebrating our wins no matter how small. We tend to celebrate other people’s wins, but then diminish our own. “Oh, it wasn’t a big deal.” “Oh, I’m not that good.” “Oh, it was nothing.” However, when we fail, we tend to harp and dwell on that failure, and talk about it for years on end… BUT we haven’t acknowledged all the good sh*t that happened right before that!! The power of progress is fundamental and should be celebrated.

You made your bed today, but didn’t yesterday? That’s a f*cking win! You organized your closet, finally…that’s a f*cking win! You learned how to fireman spin today, but can’t climb the pole yet, that’s still a f*cking win!!! Just think about where you started and the progress you’re at now. I hear my students constantly getting upset when they couldn’t get a move or it wasn’t how they expected it to be, but, they don’t acknowledge that they literally learned this move/spin for the first time today, in about 15-45 minutes, depending on how long we spend on that particular move/spin when teaching. You’re seeing something for the first time today, and only practicing it for 15 minutes…and you think you are a failure??? No, think about all the parts leading up to that moment and celebrate that. Celebrate the wins of progress, no matter how small. When you think about it in those terms, you can start to see, holy sh*t I’m f*cking awesome. 🙂 *Side note, apparently, I am in the cursing mood today…haha

Take the above and apply it to any part of your life. Cleaning, work, dance…let’s celebrate the wins even more than we talk about the failures.