Impossible or I’m Possible?

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Impossible or I’m Possible?

You don’t even know how many times a day we hear someone say I can’t, or it’s impossible when teaching pole dance classes, or better yet, they say I can’t or it’s impossible before they even start/try. How do you know if you haven’t even tried? Our mind tells us no, but, we can. It’s possible.

As the teacher, we don’t teach you anything we don’t think you can handle. Because we know it’s possible. Our job is to assess the person and see their potential. If you don’t get it today, you’ll get it some day. Pole dance is a humbling sport. It helps you with motivation, determination, and humbles your ego real quick. But, just because you don’t get a move today or struggled in class, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It teaches us that in order to succeed, learn from your failures to make you stronger.

Our studio not only shows you that it’s possible, but we help you with that mind game. We teach you confidence. We teach you how to achieve your dreams. We teach you how to embody confidence, not just with a pole trick.

My point is that why are we so quick to say something is impossible when we haven’t even tried yet? It’s because we (especially women) have been conditioned by society on how we can’t do things, how we don’t have power, and how we have to keep explaining why we need to do one thing or another. I know what you may be thinking, but I won’t go there.

However, I do want you to change your attitude and instead of saying I can’t or it’s impossible without trying first, I want you to think about considering the possibility! Don’t shut yourself down so fast. Stop getting distracted by the “I can’t’s.” Our studio is about standing in your power, realizing that you can, and to keep trying until you can. Yes, there will be hard days, but it’s worth fighting for to stand in your full potential.


Pole dance and other forms of dance help us embody confidence. It’s not just a mind game, it’s feeling it in your body too. I want you to practice your pole movement because confidence is like a muscle. You have to keep practicing to keep it going. You can expand and find that the possibilities are endless.

So book that class, or try that thing that you’re scared to do. There were many before you in the exact same place. But, they tried. And at first you don’t succeed, try try again.