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Give yourself this gift

December gives us all an opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished in the past year, what we are thankful for and what a huge difference we have made in our lives. It’s easy to fall into a mindset of negativity and not giving yourself the credit you deserve, because something you planned out didn’t go your way. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the shortcomings as well. Last week I asked my classes what is something they did this year that they felt like they accomplished and are proud of…and even if you didn’t accomplish it, what are some of the progress steps they want to celebrate. Some students had awesome items to share, including celebrating progress, but some still said oh, nothing.

We need to start embracing and tapping into our divine feminine flow. Don’t know what I am talking about? I did a tough talk with Tash about it here.

But, the reason why I am saying for you to embrace the divine feminine flow is because we are so wrapped up in to-do lists, milestones, and action steps, that we forget to celebrate our small wins (refer back to an earlier newsletter found here: When embracing your divine feminine energy you will find a powerful force within you that could help you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.

I have personally been on this path all year. Trying to figure out how to trust my intuition and really tapping in. I will tell you a story about how I figured it out in another newsletter (remind me!). However, discovering your divine feminine energy, you will find out that you can take better care for yourself and others, and find greater balance and harmony in your life.

Embracing your divine feminine energy will allow you to make statements like: “I am proud of myself for taking action towards my goals even though I didn’t always make it towards the end. And I also want to celebrate my willingness and openness throughout my journey because without those two things I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did.”

So, while reflecting on your goals and accomplishments, celebrate the wins, and start to embrace your divine feminine energy so that no matter how challenging a situation is, you can be grateful that you had the chance to try.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season. Stay positive, follow my tips in this newsletter and my Thanksgiving newsletter on how to not get overwhelmed, and you will feel calm and joyful. Wishing you much success and abundance in the upcoming months!