Happy New Year! 🎊 Here’s a tip…

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Happy New Year! 🎊 Here’s a tip…

Happy New Year! When we think about the new year, the next thing we think about is resolutions or goal setting. It’s okay to have goals, but the thing we forget about is not only the why behind the goal but also the feeling you’ll have after you accomplish the goal.

At our studio I always talk about embodiment movement, and how when we freestyle we shouldn’t be performing. We should be moving the way our body wants to go, let go of what you think should come next but rather just be and flow. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but what I don’t want our students to do is perform which means, giving their energy away, instead of embodying their energy so they don’t get exhausted at the end of the freestyle. The same can be said about our goals and resolutions.

We sometimes set astronomical goals because society tells us to, we’re competing with one another, or you really think I want to attain this goal. But, have you ever stopped to think about the feeling you’ll feel after attaining that goal? Can you visualize yourself through the process of doing the goal and then achieving it? What does it feel like? Don’t associate your goals with your worth. One has nothing to do with the other, especially since the goal is arbitrary at the moment since we haven’t thought about what the emotion is behind the goal/resolution.

For example, we set a goal like I want 6-pack abs by the summer. And then when summer comes and you don’t have 6-pack abs, you get sad and disappointed, and start to get down on yourself. But, if you stopped to think about what you would feel and why you want the 6-pack abs, maybe you don’t really need a 6-pack, maybe a weekly fitness routine would suffice. Maybe the confidence you would get from a 6-pack would come from just a weekly fitness routine. And with this, I implore you to use this tip…instead of specific goals and resolutions for 2023…set a theme instead.

Be intentional, understand the why, the emotion behind it, and what feeling you want to feel at the end. Then we can make these goals/resolutions more formidable. So last year, my theme was more self-care. And I attained more self-care by getting a massage every other month, getting my nails professionally done, getting my hair professional blown out occasionally, and trying to stretch more deeply. But, when I didn’t put immense pressure on my stretching routine, when I missed a few weeks, I did not get down on myself, because it was a theme of the year. Self-care. So, there were other things I was doing to complete that goal, like I got my nails done…I still had some self-care that fit into my schedule.

So what is your theme for 2023? Email us at info@dreamdancefitness.com, I would love to hear from you. Mine is peace. I would love to hit my goals in a peaceful manner. I tend to burn the candle at both ends because I have high achieving goals I want to meet, however, I would love to meet them with peace in mind. Peace would help my household, my husband, my family, my own peace of mind…which this feeling of reaching my goals in a restful manner will really fill my cup all around. So, what’s your feeling behind your goals, and what theme will be your 2023?

I want to thank you for such a great year in 2022. DDF had such a busy, rewarding, and beautiful year, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you for being part of our community. As we step into 2023, I want to thank you for your continued support, and wish you a happy new year and much love and prosperity in the upcoming year.