5 Empowering Tips to Break Free from Feeling Stuck

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5 Empowering Tips to Break Free from Feeling Stuck

In pole classes I often hear my students saying that they’ve hit a plateau…but, actually, it’s quite the opposite. It just seems like a plateau. A plateau is actually a sign of progress. The plateau feeling is a realization that you’ve made progress, and you want to do more because maybe you haven’t reached your goals yet, or, progress/gains are really noticeable when you’re a beginner. Note, this sign of being in a “plateau” is just a sign of your next round of progress.

You coming to class every week ready to work hard will not only improve your mental clarity and self-worth, but your strength, endurance, and physical power.

If you really feel “stuck,” try these 5 tips:

1. Track your progress
One question I get asked a lot is: “Is my hard work really paying off?” While I know the answer is yes, it is sometimes hard to recognize progress when you’re in the middle of making it. To keep track of your progress, use an app, journal, a calendar, or record yourself on video every time you dance, so you can see how far you’ve come over time. By acknowledging and celebrating your progress, no matter how small, you’ll find the motivation to keep pushing forward toward your goals. Remember, progress is not just about achieving a specific outcome, but also about the journey and growth you experience along the way. Embrace the journey, and enjoy the progress you’re making every step of the way.

2. Change up your routine
Instead of sticking to the same pole class, why not try something completely out of your comfort zone? Maybe it’s a sexy stilettos class, or perhaps it’s a high-energy Zumba class. Maybe another instructor all together! Whatever it is, the experience of trying something new and different will give you a fresh perspective on your progress. Remember, progress and growth come from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and trying new things.

3. Reframe your mindset
Sometimes, when we feel stuck, it’s not actually our progress that’s plateauing but our mindset. See challenges as opportunities for growth instead of roadblocks. It is critical to remember that progress is not always linear. We will all face challenges and setbacks on our journey, but how we respond to them is what really matters. By embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, we can cultivate resilience, creativity, and a deep sense of empowerment.

4. Set small goals.
The key is to set goals that are realistic and achievable. It’s important to challenge ourselves, but we also want to set ourselves up for success. When we set goals that are too ambitious, we can quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged. By setting small, achievable goals, we create a series of stepping stones that help us move toward our larger goals. Each time we reach a new milestone, we build momentum and confidence, which helps us stay motivated and on track. It’s also important to celebrate our progress along the way. When we take time to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments, we reinforce positive habits and behaviors and cultivate a sense of pride and self-worth.

5. Remember why you started 
One of the most powerful ways to reignite your motivation and purpose is to reconnect with your “why.” In other words, why did you start pole dancing in the first place? What drew you to it? What goals did you have for yourself when you first started? By taking some time to reflect on your initial motivations and goals, you can tap back into the passion and excitement that fueled your journey from the beginning. Maybe you started pole dancing to challenge yourself and push past your comfort zone. Maybe you wanted to improve your strength and flexibility. Or maybe you were drawn to the artistry and expression of pole dance.

Your hard work IS paying off. Know that you are a shining star, because you put in that extra work, earned every blister from your heels, every drop of sweat you put out in class, and became a better you every time you’ve felt too tired but still showed up. It takes bravery to be able to put yourself and your body out there through dance, and you doing that every week DOES pay off!

At DDF we want you to continue growing and learning no matter what chapter of your life you’re in, and coming and working in class can be a huge piece of that. Making progress, significant or small, is important and helps to give us purpose and motivation to keep moving forward.

Consistently showing up for yourself brings progress and forward motion. Take a moment today to acknowledge your progress and look forward to what’s coming your way.