Every body is a bikini body

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Every body is a bikini body

As summer approaches, so does the pressure of preparing your body for bathing suit season. Trying on bathing suits is a nightmare for many, and feeling that exposed takes the fun out of a lot of summer activities for lots of people I know. But, it doesn’t have to.

2022 has been the year of finally picking up the pieces after Covid threw us off our game in ‘20 and ‘21. It’s the year of trying new things, being secure in ourselves and making space for your body! Whether you’re at 85 lbs or 400 lbs, or anything in between, your body is simply the beautiful vessel that holds you in it!

Your body takes you to class, your body dances to music and brings you joy! Your body also has worked so hard your whole life to get you to where you are today, and no matter what it looks like in swimwear, it is still worthy of love. Your body is capable of so much, and worth so much more than what its outward appearance shows (which is still hot!). No matter your size, you are radiant, powerful, and sexy. Your friends on a boat or the crowds on a beach cannot take that away from you.

At our studio, when you first walk in, you’re fully clothed, especially for pole dance. Big t-shirts, gym shorts…eventually, we realize this is too much clothing for pole…but, also, we start to love our body. We are proud of our body, how we look on the pole, how we lifted our entire body weight on  the pole…and soon, our clothes at the studio start to become less and less…and soon, we start to do that on the beach too! You know why?

Comparing your body to that of others is a surefire way to leave yourself disappointed, but in our studio we teach you how not to do that. And, if you don’t have anything about your body you love, other people will still love it for you. You’ll start to have an appreciation for yourself. And we can’t wait to see your growth.

Your body and mind are capable of so much, and no matter how you feel about your appearance, you can still be desirable, confident and sexy! Take that pole class. It’s OK, we all started somewhere. We all tried something new once. That’s how we grow.