Have you thought about giving to yourself? 🙃

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Have you thought about giving to yourself? 🙃

We all crave a life that feels significant, one that goes beyond mundane routines. Many of us wonder, “What is my purpose? How can I make a difference?” Interestingly, the path to discovering meaning and purpose lies not only in self-reflection but also in our interactions with others. We often underestimate the profound impact that the simple acts of giving and receiving can have on our lives.

I had a great conversation with my intro to pole series last night…and we discovered that in order to feel comfortable in receiving or just to get something given to you, you need to give to yourself first. So, what does that mean exactly? Most women are uncomfortable with receiving something because they feel like what did they do to “deserve this.” They question what the other person wants in return. However, if you start doing and giving to yourself, like signing up for a pole class, scheduling “me time,” rewarding yourself first, you will start to see the world open up a bit more. It’s funny how reciprocity works. You have to give to yourself first in order to receive. What a concept…

Let’s dive into this a bit more:

1. Giving as a source of fulfillment: Giving is an innate part of our humanity that brings us immense joy and fulfillment. It goes beyond helping others; it connects us with our values and sense of purpose. Giving can take many forms, like volunteering, donating, or simply being kind. Try to apply this to yourself. What if you were just as kind as you are to your friends, to yourself. Maybe try writing yourself a letter like you would to a friend in need. Studies show that giving contributes to happiness, reduces stress, and even increases life expectancy. The act of giving allows us to make a positive impact while nurturing our own well-being. It is a powerful way to find meaning and create a chain of kindness in the world. But, in order for you to give back, try giving to yourself. Try some self-care and self-compassion. It can go a long way. Think about how you’re so caring and nice to your friend, but you don’t apply the same energy to yourself. Perhaps, try it, and take notice the
change withing yourself. 😉

2. Receiving as a source of fulfillment: While giving is important, it’s equally essential to learn how to receive graciously. Many of us have been taught that it’s better to give than to receive, but this mindset can actually limit our capacity to experience joy and fulfillment. Receiving can take many forms, such as accepting compliments, help, or gifts from others. When we learn how to receive, we are also allowing others to experience the joy of giving. Why not allow others to enjoy the act of giving?? Are we that selfish!? Are we the only ones allowed to give!? 🙂 Moreover, receiving can be a way to honor and acknowledge our own needs and desires, which is essential for our personal growth and well-being.

3. Giving and receiving as a dynamic exchange: Giving and receiving are not mutually exclusive, but rather part of a dynamic exchange that can bring balance and meaning to our lives. When we give, we are also creating a space for others to give back to us in their own ways. This reciprocity can foster deeper connections, trust, and mutual support in our relationships. Moreover, when we receive, we acknowledge the inherent worth and value of ourselves and others, which can transform our relationship with the world around us.

4. Finding purpose through giving and receiving: Ultimately, giving and receiving can be a pathway to finding our purpose and meaning in life. By connecting with our own values and sense of purpose, and by engaging with the needs and desires of others, we can create a sense of belonging and fulfillment that goes beyond ourselves. We can also contribute to a greater cause, and make a positive impact on the world that resonates with our own unique talents and skills. In this way, giving and receiving can be a way to align our individual goals with a larger purpose that transcends our own needs and desires.

5. Liberating ourselves through giving and receiving: Finally, giving and receiving can be a liberating experience that frees us from our own limiting beliefs and assumptions. When we give without expectation or judgment, and when we receive with openness and gratitude, we are breaking down the barriers that separate us from others and from ourselves. Of course, we have to be weary of the people who just take and take…however, when we open ourselves up to new possibilities and perspectives we can then enrich our lives and transform our way of being in the world.

At Dream Dance Fitness, we encourage our community to embrace the power of giving and receiving. Whether we choose to give, receive, or both, we can experience the joy and transformation that come from being in service to something greater than ourselves. Let us create lives filled with meaning and purpose as we dance through the journey of giving and receiving.

Comment below and let me know how this resonated with you today!