It’s time to unleash your power to express yourself freely

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It’s time to unleash your power to express yourself freely

“To live, is to express oneself freely.” – Bruce Lee

Every day we relinquish some of our power. We work at jobs for other people, take care of our children, and do things for others that may not be the most convenient or ideal for us. We don’t take enough time for ourselves. We don’t get to express ourselves. We  tend to box up little pieces of ourselves and stow them away because we feel like we will be judged or “they” won’t understand.

Does that sound familiar? I’m sure in one facet or another it does.

At Dream Dance Fitness, one of our core values is power, and we focus on guiding everyone who comes to our classes toward that power they hold inside of them to truly love and accept yourself, to express yourself freely. When you’re a member of Dream Dance Fitness, you start the road to unleashing that inner power to confidence. A lot of this is done by simply giving yourself a one-hour class to feel real emotion and  let go of the stressors that live outside this studio. However, we can offer more personal help through our signature “stand in confidence” workshops. These sessions help you have real conversations about your setbacks and any hesitations you might be having and help you to start some real work on your mind and soul. It starts with an attitude of gratitude, which we believe brings you abundance. Abundance not only in health, but wealth too. Positivity can really go a long way. I’ll talk more about the importance of gratitude in another newsletter…

By putting it all out on the table and allowing yourself to take up space, at our space, you’ve already started to unleash that power by letting yourself feel…whatever that emotion is. It could feel vulnerable, naked, empowering, freeing, uneasy, joyous…whatever it is, let it be and just feel. It is OK to feel! Whatever the emotion is. The less inhibitions you harbor, the more powerful you become. Each time you come into our studio, you will find yourself a little more through dance. Every time you walk out of this studio and into the world, you should feel a little more confident and equipped to take on life. Whether it was finally nailing that one move you’ve been working on, graduating into a higher level class or just getting an amazing workout in and you’re feeling good! We all have power in us, sometimes we just need a little fire beneath us to get it burning.

Power can also come from embracing our sexiness and sensuality. Sometimes, it could feel like you’re hiding away what could be sexy, but you’re too shy to let it go. You’re hiding it because society told you to. At our studio, you don’t need to shy away. We will also teach you how to unwelcomed limitations put onto you by other people. Your sexy is power! Every class offers ways to let out our emotions and take hold of our sexy. Here’s an example:


Are you ready to take hold of your power and reclaim your sexy? Book your classes today!