R-E-S-P-E-C-T, stop letting people take it away

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T, stop letting people take it away

Respect is needed universally in all parts of your life.

Respect for the decisions of others, respect for the people in your life, and respect for yourself. Without it we would all be at war with each other and ourselves. Respect is the foundation for any and all interpersonal relationships that we maintain. Having respect builds confidence, awareness and dignity, and those traits will positively impact all parts of your life.

At Dream Dance Fitness, helping you find respect for yourself is one of our biggest priorities. Respecting yourself means setting boundaries, giving yourself the time and energy you deserve and supporting the choices you make. Being firm in your beliefs and boundaries is a very important skill that we try to help you form when you take our classes. Boundaries, not barriers. There’s a fine line between the two, and you want to make sure you’re not creating roadblocks for yourself, instead you’re creating respectable boundaries that will help you facilitate standing in your confidence.

Just because someone wants you to join them in doing something doesn’t mean you need to. Setting boundaries and sticking to them is part of respecting yourself. If it’s your spouse, best friend, partner, or family member, you don’t owe anyone anything that would cross your lines or make you uncomfortable. Drawing those lines in the sand is the ideal way to send the message to those around you that you have standards that you require must be met.

I’ve learned from my past experiences that sometimes commitment keeps us bound in a bad way. In my family, our culture is: you date to get married. Anyone you bring home is your next husband. Ooof, that was a lot of pressure. Divorce…unspoken, unheard of, unimaginable. Imagine those ideals that I had to uphold so that I could appease certain people, even when in a bad relationship. However, it took courage for me to break out of those ideals that weren’t my own. To stand up for myself even when no one believed me. To convey that “this is not a good relationship. I tried to make it work. I will no longer uphold your views because they no longer serve me. I must leave, and I cannot be held hostage. I feel and know in my heart, this relationship is detrimental to my health.” There was no reason for me to uphold someone else’s beliefs and commitment to relationships just because I felt like I had to, just because it was our culture. I had to stand up for myself and hope that my family respected me enough to believe me. But, even if they didn’t, I knew I still had to walk away. For my sanity. If I would have tried to maintain the relationship, the commitment, in the long run, I would have not been happy, but also, my power would have been taken away from me.

When we take classes at the studio, especially pole dance classes, we learn new things about ourselves each week. We help you build those parameters and find a new respect for your beautiful, capable body and mind. We help you stand in confidence. Think about your own life and how you may be holding onto someone else’s limiting belief for the sake of not creating waves or going against the “norm.” Transformation takes place inside our studio. We listen to our bodies and surprise ourselves each time, helping us gain a little more confidence with every step. You are a force to be reckoned with.

XOXO, Tash