The Safety Dance: Dream Dance Fitness Edition

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The Safety Dance: Dream Dance Fitness Edition

***NY Governor Cuomo has implemented a multi-phase plan for businesses to reopen. Read about it here. Dream Dance Fitness will tentatively plan on opening on July 6, 2020, following all public health recommendations and requirements through the below items***

​COVID-19 has been a time of uncertainty, social distancing regulations, and lots of waiting; but if the Safety Dance taught us anything, it taught us, “We can dance, we can dance we’re doing it wall to wall, We can dance, we can dance everybody  ?̶?̶?̶?̶ ̶?̶?̶  wash your hands, We can dance, we can dance everybody takin’ the chance, Safety dance!” If you now feel like jamming out to this while reading, click here.

Okay, okay, so clearly we took some liberties with the version we all know and love, but it just worked so well! We want to continue being able to dance with all of you and in-between teaching classes, and we’ve been preparing some new health protocol changes for when we actually are back together again. Once we re-open for in-studio classes, the following will be implemented:

1. Updated sanitation protocol

While our instructors have been following a strict regimen of cleaning practices when they’ve been utilizing the studio to virtually teach you, we are expecting our students to help continue those practices once we reopen. All of our cleaners for the floor, bathroom, and surfaces, have an appropriate bleach mixture, or at least 70% isopropyl alcohol. Poles should also be wiped down regularly – using only one microfiber towel per class for your own. We ask that you do not share towels to wipe down your poles or any of your belongings.

2. Physical Distancing Practices

It’s important to remember that even though we are reopening at some point, the pandemic is not over and done with. As a community, we need to work together to perform preventative steps to stop the spread of the virus any further. That means, when we first open, there will be the following temporary measures taken:

  • Class capacity reduction
  • Visual markers for 6 foot distances throughout the dance floor
  • Moves taught in class will be ones that do not require spotting from an instructor. The level of these moves will be subjective to the student and class level. This will be in effect until public health officials reduce social distancing efforts.

3. Protective Materials

Wherever reasonably possible, Dream Dance Fitness will provide the following:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in multiple places throughout DDF. We will also be asking students to thoroughly wash their hands upon arrival before class and before departure after class.
  • Students will be required to bring their own masks to use while in the studio.

We will also be temporarily suspending the use of complimentary shared grip aids (namely the tub of iTac2, amongst others in the bin) as well as the shared kneepads. We ask that you bring your own kneepads and grip aids from home. Kneepads and dry hands are both available for personal purchase if necessary.

4. Hybrid Class Delivery

To accommodate as many students as possible, we will be providing a platform to teach both in studio and virtually. This option will be especially beneficial for those students that are immunocompromised or have a loved one who falls into a vulnerable category as well. We will continue using zoom for this and it will include as many elements from the live class as possible. The classes will now be anywhere from 60-90 minutes long to accommodate, and the next class start will be 15 minutes in between so we have enough time to disinfect the studio for the next class of students.

5. Relaxed “Late Cancel” Policy

Until August 30, 2020 (subject to revision/extension) any student that needs to late cancel past the 12 hour late cancellation period due to suspected illness or exposure to COVID-19, will have the option to change their attendance to virtual instead of in-person, or cancel the class and receive a credit back for future use. No-shows and late cancels for any other reason will still fall under the standard late cancel policy.

We are so excited to get back in the studio with all of you and get back to normal! Let’s band together and make sure all of us at Dream Dance Fitness are protected and that we help #flattenthecurve <3