Your presence is needed

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Your presence is needed

OOOOF, it’s HOT today! Take some time to feel the sun on your face, take a short walk, or even just breathe that hot air and appreciate that season change. Yes, it does seem like we skipped Spring and Winter a little bit, but noticing the things around you and experiencing them is a better way of bringing joy to your life. Do yourself that favor today and step outside, and just NOTICE.

What can you hear? Birds chirping? Cars? Bees?

What can you see? Colors? Flowers? animals?

What can you touch? Dirt? Grass? Pavement?
See if you can close your eyes and notice the temperature of what you’re touching.

Take a deep breath in, and big exhale out.

Try that, and reply to me how that felt.

We have a tendency to go through the motions of keeping commitments and satisfying demands. But there is no joy. Take those 10 seconds and just be present and enjoy your surroundings. It’s common to lose ourselves in the chaos of daily life and forget who we really are. Practices of mindfulness can help.

Try the above with pole dancing. Is the pole warm or cool? Does the pole feel smooth or rough? Does the floor feel smooth or rough? Cool or warm? How about your clothing that you are wearing? Bringing mindfulness to our dancing can do wonders too. You will certainly notice a difference in your movement style instead of always focusing on what the next best trick is or what choreo comes next and rather be in a state of presence, calm, and flow state.

We may reconnect with our inner selves and live more authentically by taking a step back and becoming more conscious of our thoughts and feelings. Imagine adopting a lifestyle that doesn’t just offer temporary relief from anxiety and stress, but helps you become more self-aware, authentic, and peaceful in the long run. That’s the power of mindfulness. It’s not a one-and-done activity, but rather a consistent practice that can be easily integrated into your daily routine.

By embracing mindfulness, you can explore the depths of your inner self, connect with your emotions and live your life more authentically.

Again, leave a comment and let me know how this felt for you.