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I’m sure you’ve seen this pop-up all over on social media…and you’re thinking, damn I’ve aged, or damn, I look good still…yes, I basically look the same in these two photos, I can thank my mama for good genes.

BUT, what this photo does not tell you, is the journey I have been on in the last 10 years, and yes it was difficult, yes in the photo 10 years ago I was in an unhappy marriage and had goals I did not know how to yet achieve, however, I have a winners mindset. I made small changes to work towards my goals, and now the things I wanted 10 years ago are now here! Sometimes, when you are feeling down and unhappy about your current situation, you have to reflect on the past and realize, wow, the goals I set 5-10 years ago, I have achieved and now I have new goals, or those goals didn’t work out and you re-vamped your goals…whatever it is for you, don’t forget how far you’ve come, how far you’ve changed, and how far you can go.

That winner’s mindset is something I hold for all my customers, staff, friends, and family. I don’t hold them where they are, rather, I hold the mirror for them for where they could be! Because, I believe, you have the power within you to achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. This is something important in our studio. We provide you with the tools to unleash that power with you to stand in your confidence and achieve those dreams.

I believe in you.