Decision Fatigue. That’s real.

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Decision Fatigue. That’s real.

“Self care is how you take your power back” -Lalah Delia

You’ve made decisions all day, the last thing you need to hear right now is, what’s for dinner? From your child, or spouse. Wouldn’t it have been nice if they would have made one decision without you?

Yes, you’re a powerful, professional woman, but sometimes being everything to everyone is hard and exhausting. And one tiny, what seems like simple question can set you off.

This is why, Self-care is important. You can only take on the world if you take care of yourself, and your own mental, emotional and  physical health. So yeah, it’s ok to take an hour a day or 2-3 hours a week to take care of your needs. Take that pole dance class, carve out an hour. Click our link to our intro to pole series here. 😘 You deserve to take care of yourself, take your sexy back, and do something for you.  Honestly, your spouse will thank you 😉, I don’t think the question will be what’s for dinner anymore! LOL!

Once you learn that investing in your self-care is just part of your routine, you will take back your power. You will learn your own value, what you deserve, and gain more self respect. At our studio we do more than just fitness. Pole dance for us is not just a good workout. It’s helping us grow. It’s helping us progress, allowing us to express ourselves, and brings us joy.

When you’ve made decisions all day, you need to find a place where you can just be. Do something for you. Take a class, be immersed in  a supportive community of people who just had a tough day like you. Vent, be heard, and dance it out. You’ll feel better, trust me. And, then you won’t be so pissed off when they ask, what’s for dinner because you had “me time.”