Here’s what you didn’t know about stepping outside your comfort zone

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Here’s what you didn’t know about stepping outside your comfort zone

We have all heard the phrase “step outside your comfort zone,” but what does it truly mean? To many, it means taking risks or trying something new and unknown. To others, it means being brave enough to trust in ourselves and our abilities. It is a phrase that can hold different meanings for different people, but ultimately, stepping outside of your comfort zone can bring about a newfound sense of liberation that you never knew existed. Let’s explore this further!

The Fear Factor
When we think about stepping outside of our comfort zone, fear often comes up as an obstacle. Fears are natural, and they can range from feeling scared of failure to being afraid of embarrassment or judgment. Many times we don’t take risks because we are scared to face the possibility of not succeeding or being accepted by our peers. However, if we push through this fear and take the risk anyway, it can be incredibly liberating and empowering.

In our studio, we gain confidence by doing just that. Facing our fears. How, you ask? Literally every time we lift our feet off the ground and hold ourselves up on this vertical appratus we call a pole. Once we’ve mastered some spins, we teach you how to climb. Now, you are suspended 12 feet off the ground…and if you have a fear of heights, or a fear that you are not strong enough, or not X (insert some sort of adjective that most likely isn’t true here), we face our fears with each move. 1) It’s something new that we haven’t seen before 2) Usually it’s off the ground 3) It’s challenging, either strength or flexibility wise. We face our fears multiple times during just a 60 minute class. AND it ends up making you feel AWESOME. You start to feel liberated because you showed your mind that your body is capable of so much more than your mind thinks…and we keep conquering those risks and making those fears a thing of the past, gaining more confidence as each class passes by.

Rise Above Self-Doubt
Self-doubt is another common factor when considering stepping outside our comfort zone. We may ask ourselves questions like “What if I’m not good enough?” or “What if I make a fool out of myself? or “What if I don’t get it?” That kind of self-questioning can be paralyzing. So what if!? It’s OK, if at first you don’t succeed, you can always try again. Nothing is so finite. It may seem like it in the moment, but if you take a moment to reflect, it really isn’t. It’s important to recognize these feelings and rise above them by reminding yourself that no matter what happens, you will learn something valuable in the process. Instead of focusing on failure or rejection, focus on the excitement and possibilities that come with taking risks. Doing so will ignite your inner strength and courage! We always tell our ladies to not compare yourself to others, and it’s OK if you don’t get it this time. There are plenty of classes where you can practice again. Give yourself some compassion…it’s the first time you are trying this new move! Or you’re so early in the pole dancing process, it took me a year to do that! Just because you don’t get it today, doesn’t mean that you will never get it.

The Possibilities are Endless
Once you have taken that brave step outside your comfort zone—no matter how small—you will begin to see the world around you differently. You’ll start to notice opportunities where before there were none; you’ll become more confident in yourself; and most importantly, you’ll realize just how much potential lies within you when given the chance to shine! Taking risks gives us the opportunity to discover hidden talents or passions that we may not have known were there before. So go ahead—challenge yourself today!
Stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t have to involve doing something big or drastic—it could be as simple as signing up for a pole dance class or joining a club that interests you. Whatever form it takes for you personally, remember that taking risks has its rewards! You may find yourself feeling liberated from fear and self-doubt, discovering hidden talents, connecting with new people, gaining confidence, learning something new, growing as an individual, and ultimately embodying true freedom from within!

Comment below and tell me how you will step outside of your comfort zone today!