My Personal Journey To Self-Love

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My Personal Journey To Self-Love

With every sip of my morning coffee, I’m reminded how much of a blessing it is to be able to enjoy alone time. It’s funny, a lot of people (including my husband, think I am an extrovert…but I think I am an ambivert). There was once a point in my life where taking the necessary breather felt like an uphill battle – because resting for me meant being “weak”. But with each passing year, instead of pushing myself to the brink in pursuit of perfection and ‘success’, a gentle reminder kicked me into gear; if we don’t allow ourselves some downtime then our bodies will soon force us into it through sickness or exhaustion. My body would force me and get sick, if I didn’t take necessary breaks. I also realized, that I do like to be alone, and don’t have to constantly be on the move…

So, I started giving room to what truly matters most: myself & well-being!

Taking care of myself started with a few simple steps. Massaging my body, getting my nails done, and getting my hair professionally blown out occasionally felt empowering and an act of much-deserved love for me.

Then I started exploring how to nurture all parts of me – body, mind & soul!  It’s been so liberating as I discover what helps restore balance on this journey toward self-love. Here are a few:

1. Meditate
Embracing stillness, consciousness, and presence within myself regardless of how busy life may seem. Taking a few moments each day to pause, breathe and be mindful can do wonders in reducing stress. Being present in the moment allows us to let go of any judgments or expectations we might have experienced throughout our days. Step outside for some fresh air -perhaps take joy in noticing the birds that chirp as they fly by or feel liberated from taking time out just for yourself! Appreciating all life has to offer is a sure way to help bring balance back into your emotions with every minute you enjoy being outdoors.

2. Celebrating myself
Instead of focusing on what didn’t work, I started celebrating all that I have achieved. Today, take the time to celebrate all of those wins- no matter how little they may seem! Everything from learning a complex pole move in fifteen minutes to making it through an entire day at the office! Every accomplishment is worth acknowledging and honoring; give yourself just as much love and appreciation as you would show your loved ones for their successes.

3. Self-talk and appreciation
I’ve been sharing with you how much power words can hold in my previous newsletters and I will never get tired of reminding you to express gratitude for the qualities you possess and thank yourself for being YOU. Engage yourself in positive self-talk.

4. Commit to learning more
“A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there”-Gina Milicia
Take on a brave new adventure this week by exploring activities outside of what you’re used to. Whether it’s taking up acro, discovering pole dancing, learning from an instructor that you normally don’t take classes from, or enrolling in an art class – try something that encourages growth and helps you discover hidden talents within yourself. While you start to immerse yourself in new things, you’ll feel more empowered. Stepping out of your comfort zone boosts your confidence and allows you to rediscover yourself.

Comment and tell me your own stories. What steps are you taking to show more love to yourself? I would love to hear them!