Self-love lessons we can learn from Rihanna

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Self-love lessons we can learn from Rihanna

I made an Instagram post about this and wanted to bring it here in this blog because I think it’s important. Football fanatics were enthralled by Super Bowl LVII and the Kansas Chiefs winning victory, but for millions of spectators around the world, they were underwhelmed by Rihanna’s performance.

I wanted to bring to you a different perspective. Check out Rachel Rodger’s tweet that I was inspired by:

What if we took Rihanna’s performance as a gift? What could we learn? We can learn a lot of things about self-acceptance and self-love from the Superbowl performance by Rihanna!

Here are 3:

1. You are worthy, and you are enough. Rihanna showed confidence, and determination, despite being pregnant. Pregnancy can often be a time when women feel vulnerable and self-conscious, but Rihanna embraced her body and showed the world that she is the same confident, powerful performer that she’s always been. We can learn from her that we are enough. And we are worthy!

2. We need to be kind to other women. Women have a tendency to judge other women. We need to be kind and uplift each other. All over our newsfeeds, there’s controversy about her performance, however, she’s showing us that she can still shine and be successful while nurturing a new life. She did not diminish herself to fit into society’s expectations

3. Be embodied, and not performative. Rihanna delivered a powerful, liberated performance with no need for guest stars or dramatic costume changes. Rihanna’s confidence and self-assurance showed us that standing in her own skin and being present is way more fulfilling than performance. Something to keep in mind as our showcase at the studio is coming up! She kept her energy instead of giving it away, yet, most of us were enamored. This is a powerful reminder of women’s strength and resilience, and the importance of embracing one’s true self, no matter the circumstances

I would love to hear your thoughts too! Leave a comment and let me know what resonated with you.