You haven’t reached a plateau

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You haven’t reached a plateau

One question I get asked a lot is: “Is my hard work really paying off?” While I know the answer is yes, it is sometimes hard to recognize progress when you’re in the middle of making it.

Take a moment now, or just sometime today to either journal or take a video of yourself talking about what’s been going on, how you’ve been feeling, and some good and bad things in your life recently. Now, instead of checking in on this in a couple weeks, save it for the end of the year.

What you’ll see in those next 7 months is that consistently showing up for yourself and putting in the work makes an astronomical difference in your quality of life, AND you’re actually not hitting a plateau. In pole classes I often hear my students saying that they’ve hit a plateau…but, actually it’s quite the opposite. It just seems like a plateau. A plateau is actually a sign of progress. The plateau feeling is a realization that you’ve made progress, and you want to do more because maybe you haven’t reached your goals yet, or, progress/gains are really noticeable when you’re a beginner. Note, this sign of being in a “plateau” is just a sign of your next round of progress.

You coming to class every week ready to work hard will not only improve your mental clarity and self worth, but your strength, endurance and physical power. If you really feel “stuck,” perhaps change it up. Instead of coming to pole class, take a different class out of your comfort zone! Maybe it’s sexy stilettos, or maybe it’s zumba…whatever it is, you will be sure to see something different.

Your hardwork IS paying off. Know that you are a shining star, because you put in that extra work, earned every blister from your heels, every drop of sweat you put out in class, and became a better you every time you’ve felt too tired but still showed up. It takes bravery being able to put yourself and your body out there through dance, and you doing that every week DOES pay off!

At DDF we want you to continue growing and learning no matter what chapter of your life you’re in, and coming and working in class can be a huge piece of that. Making progress, significant or small, is important and helps to give us purpose and motivation to keep moving forward.

Consistently showing up for yourself brings progress and forward motion. Take a moment today to acknowledge your progress, and look forward to what’s coming your way.