Beyond Resolutions

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Beyond Resolutions

In recent weeks, I’ve discussed the importance of establishing a theme or intentions for the new year and emphasized the idea of consistently carrying intentionality throughout the year. A crucial starting point is to build strong foundations for the year ahead by setting and committing to core values that will guide our choices and actions. Today, we’ll explore the significance of core values as the basis for our yearly theme and provide tips on how to identify and commit to these values.

How to Identify Core Values
To identify your core values, start by asking yourself what’s most important to you, what you want to prioritize, and what you stand for. Some common values include honesty, compassion, integrity, creativity, growth, and connection. You can also look back on experiences in your life when you’ve felt most fulfilled or aligned with your purpose, and identify the values that were present in those moments. It’s important to be honest with yourself and avoid choosing values that you think you “should” have, but that don’t truly resonate with you.

Why Set Core Values
Setting core values is important because they help us stay focused on what’s important to us, guiding not only our actions but also our thoughts and emotions. While goals can change and evolve over time, core values are more enduring and can provide a stable anchor for us in times of change or uncertainty. By setting core values, we are creating a framework for our decision-making that’s aligned with our deepest beliefs and desires.

Committing to Core Values
Once you’ve identified your core values, commit to them by writing them down, repeating them as affirmations, and incorporating them into your daily practices. Some ways to do this include setting reminders on your phone, creating a vision board that includes your values, or journaling about how you’ve embodied them each day. It’s helpful to keep your values visible and present in your awareness so that you can make choices and decisions that align with them.

Choosing a Yearly Theme
With your core values in mind, you can choose a yearly theme that encapsulates the overarching focus of your year. This could be a word, phrase, or statement that represents your aspirations and intentions based on your core values. For example, if one of your core values is creativity, your theme might be “Imagination Unleashed” or “Exploring New Horizons.” By choosing a theme that’s rooted in your values, you’re setting a clear intention for the year and reminding yourself of what’s most important to you.

At Dream Dance Fitness, we celebrate individuality, creativity, and growth – values that align with intentional living. Join us for a year of purpose, authenticity, and endless possibilities.