Mastering Intentionality

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Mastering Intentionality

We all have good intentions when the calendar changes over to a new year. We vow to hit the gym more, spend more time with family, or even start a new hobby. But as the year progresses, those good intentions can fade away and we’re left feeling unaccomplished. This year, let’s go beyond the calendar and extend intentionality throughout the year. It’s possible to achieve goals and create lasting habits with a few simple steps. Last week I spoke about setting a theme. Just ensure that when you take action it fits your theme, this way you can feel positive and intentional.

How to lead with intention:

1. Start with small steps
Big goals can feel like a lot, but small steps matter. Set easy goals for each week or day, like a quick 15-minute walk every morning or making your bed daily. These small goals can add up to big accomplishments and create lasting habits.

2. Find an accountability partner
Having someone to hold you accountable can be a great motivator. Find a friend or family member who is also committed to achieving goals and create a plan to check in with each other regularly. Knowing that someone is invested in your success can help keep you on track.

3. Celebrate small wins
Don’t wait until the end of the year to celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate small victories along the way. Did you make it to the gym three times this week? Treat yourself to a favorite meal or a new book. Celebrating even small victories can help keep you motivated and bring a sense of joy to the process.

4. Give yourself grace
Achieving goals is not always a linear process. There will be setbacks and bumps in the road. Give yourself grace and remember that each day is a new opportunity to try again. If you have a bad day or even a bad week, don’t give up. Get back up and try again. You’re one step closer to achieving your goals.

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Cheers to a year of intentional growth and success!