How Pole Dance Helps Clear the Mind

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How Pole Dance Helps Clear the Mind

Let’s face it. Life. There’s so much that fogs are mind. When we are fogged, we start to make unstable decisions, our emotional health gets rattled, and we just don’t feel our best. People ask me all the time, why do I pole dance…

Well, pole dance has proven to me to break many stereotypes and has shown me that it’s actually a great way to achieve mental well-being. I grew up dancing from 2 years old, with your traditional ballet and tap, and was looking for an outlet in my older years, when I fell into pole dancing. Pole dance helped me incorporate my dance background, but also gave me the strength that I couldn’t believe could happen. More than what the gym could ever do for me. Not only physically, but mentally too. I felt like I could walk down the street and kick someone’s ass, which then made me feel so confident, that mentally, that trickled into other parts of my life too. Not to mention, I was finally able to express my sexual energy. Something society loves and hates to see. But, this, pole dance, it was just for me. It helped me to see more clearly. This metal apparatus.

Let’s take a closer look at how this unique activity can gracefully step into our minds and help us find peace, focus, and calm.

1. Release of endorphins or the Feel-Good Hormones: When you engage in pole dancing, you’re not just moving your body – you’re triggering a natural happiness boost. The vigorous physical activity sets off a release of endorphins. You’re facing fears, and conquering things you never thought your body could do. These little chemicals are like your brain’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s feel good!” They interact with your brain’s receptors to dial down pain signals and crank up the joy factor. So, while you’re spinning around that pole, you’re also spinning your mood in a positive direction. This hormonal dance helps to dial down anxiety, lift depression, and melt away stress, leaving you with a genuine sense of euphoria.

2. Empowered Confidence: Pole dance isn’t just dance – it’s a confidence booster. It invites women to embrace their femininity and sensuality, fostering self-assurance and self-love. With each spin, you’re not only gaining physical strength but also a stronger sense of self-worth. Pole dance teaches you to love and accept your body as it is, promoting a positive self-image and celebrating your uniqueness.

3. Mind-Body connection: Pole dance combines strength and flexibility, creating a moment-to-moment experience. It’s like a moving meditation that links your mind and body. With each move, you’re tuned into your body’s motion, creating a serene, stress-free space by disconnecting from worries. I always tell my students that their body is smarter than they give it credit for. We sometimes need to trick our mind when we dance, and it’ll catch up with time…some things you’ll learn when you dance with us…

4. Increased Social Interaction: Beyond dance, pole dancing at our studio is an avenue to connect. Joining us means not just learning moves, but forming friendships. Dream Dance Fitness isn’t just a studio; it’s a community where you share, learn, and grow together. Best friends, partnerships, engagements, and roommates have been born because of Dream Dance Fitness. Through our studio, you create meaningful relationships, finding support and camaraderie that enrich your journey.

5. Improved brain function: Pole dance isn’t just about physical prowess; it’s a mental workout too. The intricate moves demand coordination, balance, and concentration. These demands on your brain lead to improved cognitive function. The complex physical activity strengthens your brain’s pathways, resulting in sharper focus and enhanced analytical skills. As you master those spins and transitions, your brain is doing its own intricate dance, evolving and getting stronger with every move.

6. Age doesn’t matter: As long as you’re over 18 at our studio…but one of my oldest students is 65! Pole dance teaches us that age is really just a number. It keeps us young at heart, but also physically fit. Pole dance can feel child-like at times, like playing on the playground again. It really is for anyone. As we grow older, we really do need a place to express ourselves. Just because we are older, doesn’t mean our sexual prowess dies along with it. Pole dance helps us rejuvenate, reclaim our power and our desires, and with. this expression, helps us to see what truly matters, giving us clarity.

So, if you’re looking for a new mental health hack, then pole dance might be just the right fit for you. Not only is it fun, but it also helps improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our supportive, accepting, and empowering community welcomes women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. Get moving and start loving yourself! Join us at Dream Dance Fitness!



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